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Update: June 1 2021

G.E. has acquired an additional 32,000.ft in Mississauga, Ont. Strategically designed to handle FBA/ FBM & other fulfillment services.

Update: June 1 2018
G.E. Forwarders Inc (Los Angeles) is opening with a 20,000sq.ft 4docks + 1 Drive-in warehouse.

Update: May 23 2018
We're Hiring!  Position in both our office and warehouse teams avaiable; check our our Careers section for more informaiton

Update: May 16th 2016
We're moving on May 24th 2016 - 53,000sq.ft 10docks + 2 Drive-in CBSA Bonded Sufferance Warehouse.
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Update: March 1st 2012
G.E. adds two 53' trailers to our fleet.

Update: Jan 1st 2011
G.E. opens it's operations in Vietnam with two new locations.

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Using state-of-the-art security systems, G.E. Logistics, Inc.’s facilities are protected by a 24-hour security system featuring CCTV with continuous digital video/ audio recording, PTZ (Pan/ Tilt/ Zoom) with remote access to the cameras, real-time PDA remote viewing, motion sensors and continuous communication to a third party security company.  Nothing goes unnoticed.  All enclosed in a custom designed high pressure water sprinkler system.


A data info structure protected by both hardware and software firewalls and encrypted security to ensure that every client’s most confidential information remains confidential.